Scrying Mirrors

These scrying mirrors are hand-crafted and sanctified at Divine Harmony Spiritual Church. Each 3-inch mirror is inset in your choice of Walnut or Cherry wood and is etched on the reverse side with either the Fourth Pentacle of the Sun (believed to reveal the hidden thoughts of others and reveal all secrets), the Fourth Pentacle of Mercury (believed to assist in gaining hidden knowledge and penetrating the thoughts of others), or a custom symbol of your choosing. Included with each order is a booklet written by Reverend Jon Saint Germain discussing the art and practice of scrying.

Scrying, also called called catoptromancy, is a form of divination practice. The word scrying is derived from an Old English word descry, which means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” It's also the origin of the modern word "describe." In essence, to scry is to “See and Tell.” The seer gazes into a reflective surface and enters a receptive mental state. Eventually, images or visions may appear upon, in, or even around the reflective surface. Scrying can be used to gain insight into a situation, for mediumship, to focus intention, for remote viewing, and to inspire clairvoyant visions.

Mirrors have long been believed to possess magical qualities. Mirrors are believed to be portals to other dimensions and hidden worlds. Spirits and other entities can hide in them, or become trapped in them, and the magical uses of mirrors has filled many volumes. Gazing into a black mirror is an ancient practice which is believed to possess great power. Mirror-gazing has long been believed to open portals to the angelic realm (and others) contact the dead, reveal hidden information, see the past and future, recall past lives, enhance astral projection, send and receive messages, and enhance clairvoyant abilities.

These Scrying Mirrors can be custom made for special conditions or your individual methodology. Please Contact Me for Details