Keep Your Lover Faithful, or Punish One Who Has Been Unfaithful
The Nine Day Santa Muerte Ceremony is an involved ritual in which nine separate and distinct prayers are made each day to Santisima Muerte on your behalf. Some believe Santa Muerte once was driven to suicide by an unfaithful husband, and because of this she is now a guardian of women who are dealing with unfaithful lovers. It is said Santisima Muerte will work to keep a lover faithful, or will punish someone who has violated the sanctity of marriage.
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Santisima Muerte (also known as Santa Muerte) is revered as the Goddess of Death. She is said to grant many blessings, but is also known to harshly punish those who knowingly cause injustice - and she is particularly vengeful to those who are unfaithful in committed relationships. Santa Muerte is said to be very passionate about keeping spouses faithful to their wives and, if called upon, she will judge, punish, and torment those who violate the sanctity of marriage. When Santisima Muerte is your ally in a troubled relationship, she makes sure you get what has been promised to you!

The Nine Day ritual is a powerful ceremony which calls upon Santisima Muerte to punish an unfaithful lover. It involves nine separate and distinct prayers made to Santisima Muerte on your behalf during each day of the ritual. If the target is being unfaithful, it is said Santisima Muerte's anger will become aroused and she will bring swift and enduring punishment. It is said the target will not have one moment of peace. They will be unable to eat properly, unable to enjoy the company of another lover, unable to perform sexually for anyone but you, unable to enjoy socializing with their friends or other lovers, their thoughts become scattered and hectic, they are humiliated and humbled, and these punishments shall increase in severity until they are once again faithful, and honor the commitment they have made.