Client Testimonials

Jon St Germain has been working with me steadily and successfully on big problems that were ruining my life & family's for the last 10 months. Within a couple months one of the problems was completely resolved. We are now working on the other ones and seeing great progress where I can now sleep at night. You can rely on Jon to be frank with you and give you sound advice also. You truly feel with Jon that he wants the best for you and always does his best. His Altars can pack a super powerful punch. I also find his books really fascinating. Jon has opened a new door for me not only in solving my seemingly unsurmountable problems but also teaching me to get so much better with my knowledge in the field.

When I first conversed with you I felt an instant connection. You are one of the sweetest psychics I have ever worked with and I feel like I can talk to you about almost anything. Thank you Jon Saint Germain for my reading and rootwork services! I am truly thankful that I found you. During my reading, you didn't tell me what I wanted to hear and I appreciate that. Your advice was very helpful and you're accurate in readings.

You handle your business professionally. I wasn't expecting to receive pictures via email of my rootwork being done but I thank you for everything you have done for me. I look forward to building a long term business relationship with you and you're officially my fave!

I just want to add on a Thank you to Jon Saint Germain for the candle settings he did for me to support my job interviews, which concluded successfully! Jon was always quick to respond and always took the initiative to enhance each candle setting based on my petition and the results I wanted to achieve. Many thanks again for everything Jon.

I just want to brag about my great reading with Jon and give him a big thanks! He was very generous with his time after I made a mistake with my first booking, and gave lots of wonderful advice. The accuracy with which he described the people in my spread gives me great confidence in his predictions. He was very easy to talk to and I feel well prepared for the rest of my conjure journey! I'd recommend him to anyone.

Thank you Jon Saint Germain for the reading and advice I had received from you a little over a week ago. You are very helpful, informative and honest. I'm very grateful that you took on my case. Looking foward to our next reading. Thank you Jon.

I want to say Thank You to Jon Saint Germain for his knowledge and insight. He is the go to guy for all of your spritual needs as he is an amazing spiritual worker and coach. I discovered immediate movement after he worked on things for me! Another great things is that he will actually send you picture of the work that is being done. Jon your work and services are greatly appreciated. Thank You for all that you do!

I'm not sure how to get in touch with him on here but I'll go to his shop this upcoming week because I'm shocked. I had a reading with him and he told me he saw a baby between my love and I and i and I told him that I was negative....WELL...two days later, I'm positive.... He told me this at the beginning of my reading. I told him very little.. there was no reason for him to think we'd be having/have a baby/child, but we are :-) thank you, sir!

I just want to thank Rev Jon for all his help with readings, encouragement and works! My boyfriend and I are back together and things are going great! I definitely recommend him to anyone having issues in their relationship. He is so kind hearted and understanding and took time to explain everything to me in detail. I know I have built a long relationship with Rev Jon and will reach out to him again soon! Bless you Rev Jon Saint Germain!!

Wow!!! I am still amazed @ the wonderful reading that Jon Saint Germain gave me. He also blew me away because he used his psychometry gift to read my ex...which was so on point and truthful. My first reading with him and I will definitely be contacting him again really soon for rootwork and more readings. I highly recommend him...Jon Saint Germain is the best!! Thanks so much!!

Dear Jon,
I just received my Custom Double Strength Mojo. I simply love it already. As soon as I opened the box, I felt the connection with my new ally. I love the storage bag it came in and the mini bottle of vodka. You are thoughtful and beyond professional. Your craftsmanship in creating mojos is exceptional. I love the quality and the details that went into it, not to mention the prayers. I have purchased Mojos in the past and was so disappointed by them, some too big, some looked like rags, another was DOA and another I didn’t connect to. I am so grateful I decided to have a custom mojo made by you. I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you again for all your help.
God bless you.

I’m very grateful to have found Jon. He has been exceptionally helpful in my difficult situation (love related). Everything that comes up? He’s on it. Problem? He fixes it. I know when I get a candle or rootwork with him, he won’t let me down.

I hired Jon for spellwork recently and I cannot stop gushing over how amazing the results were. I told him what my situation was, he recommended a set of spells he could cast for me. The results began the day he casted, and is continuing to unfold more favorably than I could have ever imagined. Never have I met a more talented practitioner. The problem was solved and I have my life back and Jon to thank. And thank you lucky mojo for having AIRR. I would be in an awful place right had I not reached out for help. Now I have all the power back in my life. Thank you Jon!!

Just want to thank Jon saint Germain. He recently did some Rootwork for me for business/prosperity and I am floored by the increase we have had! June has been TRIPLE our average sales.