The Altar of Infinite Prosperity is a section of Divine Harmony Spiritual Church that is devoted solely to ceremonial money and prosperity work. Having ceremonial work performed on this altar is believed to provide reassurance that the bills are going to get paid, that good luck is with the target, that one will be able to meet their own needs and that the needs of family and loved ones are provided for and met. Coins, paper money, gambling chips and other symbols of wealth adorn the altar along with symbols of luck, money charms, and talismans personally constructed by Reverend Saint Germain. The hand of a mannequin was salvaged from a department store belonging to a local millionaire with a family history of business prosperity going all the way back to the early 1800's. Magnetic lodestones along with money-drawing stones like pyrite help increase the attractive power of the shrine. A green pyramid candle, dressed with the appropriate prosperity and attraction oils, is burned. Large quartz crystals amplify the power of the altar even further, making work done on this shrine particularly potent!

Reverend Saint Germain will personalize the Ceremony of Infinite Prosperity to meet your specific needs, and select the elements which will best serve your unique situation. This altar work involves a mixture of ceremonial rootwork, candle vigils, sacred relics, totems, and prayer to petition spirits to intervene on your behalf. Depending on the type of ceremony, prayers may last 3 to 5 days. You will receive pictures of the work along with Reverend Saint Germain's observations and interpretations of any omens or signs that were seen during the ceremony.