Mojo Bags

A Mojo Bag is a small bag containing magical items, such as roots, charms, minerals, animal relics, personal items or concerns, written prayers or wishes, which have been carefully prepared and combined to achieve a specific goal. I make powerful Mojo Bags. Please contact me for details how you can contract me to make one for you. It takes at least a week to prepare, so take this into consideration before ordering. I include a picture of your mojo's ingredients because you can't open them once I seal them. More information about the creation and maintenance of Mojo Bags is included below.

Mojo Bags can also be custom made for special conditions. Prices Vary Depending on Your Needs - Contact Me for Details

Mojos also take about a week to make because each are given a seven-day sanctification. Seven days of prayer, candle-and-incense cleaning charges the mojo with immense spiritual energy. The cost of the mojo depends on what you want in them. I can make effective mojos for a reasonable price. However, some "power" items are made of silver, or are otherwise rare, and are more expensive. If you want me to include them your mojo will, of course, cost more. We can discuss your specific requirements when we talk.

Making a Mojo Bag is a painstaking process. Each component must be carefully selected, vitalized, and put into balance with the other components to create a living Mojo. I make my own bags from scratch. No machines are used. I hand-sew my bags and bless every stitch. The bag is usually constructed of sewn flannel, although leather or other materials can be used. I add the components, dressing and blessing each one, train the bag, breathe it to life and seal it. The bag must be breathed to life or it won't work. It's just a bag of junk. A properly constructed Mojo is warm and vibrant like a puppy or kitten. You can feel its life-force working for you.

I prefer to use flannel in the colors traditionally associated with the magical use for which the bag is intended: red for love; green for money; blue for peace and harmony; white for spirituality etc. Mojo Bags can be made to attract love, keep lovers faithful, attract gambling luck, attract success in business, protection from enemies, improve health, increase psychic and spiritual sensitivity.

Mojo bags are considered alive and must be fed a little whiskey once a week or they stop working. As my mom used to say, "Just like your father." Your Mojo Bag must also be kept hidden away from the sight of others. No-one can be allowed to see or touch it. Mojo bags are traditionally hidden on one's person. Women used to pin them inside their bras and men inside the waistband of their pants. In the old days allowing someone to touch your Mojo was called "killing it." Touching the Mojo Bag robbed it of it's power.

Mojo Bags are sold as curios only.

Contact me to discuss making your own Mojo Bag.