Jack Balls

A Jack Ball is like a Mojo Bag except the ball is formed around a personal item, such as a hair, fingernail, or item of clothing. This and other magical items are molded in a ball of wax, which is then wound in several layers of yarn. The ends of the yarn are threaded through the ball several times and braided into a long "tail." The ball can then be used as a pendulum for divination, or swung in circles while chanting prayers or your intention. Swinging the ball energizes it and activates the Jack's magical purpose. I make powerful Jack Balls. It takes at least a week to prepare, so take this into consideration before ordering. I include a picture of your mojo's ingredients because you can't open them once I seal them.

Jack Balls can also be custom made for special conditions. Prices Vary Depending on Your Needs - Contact Me for Details

The most common Jack Ball I've been asked to make is a Luck-Ball.

Like Mojo Bags, the Jack must be kept hidden away from the sight of others. No-one can be allowed to see or touch it. In the old days allowing someone to touch your Jack Ball was called "killing it." Touching the Jack Ball robbed it of it's power.

Because the Jack Ball is alive with spirit, it must be fed occasionally with liquor, Hyatt's Cologne, or other offering depending on it's purpose in order to keep it alive.

Jack Balls are sold as curios only.

Contact me to discuss making your own Jack Ball.