Force a Lost Love Back to You
The Seven Day Intranquil Spirit Ceremony is an involved ritual in which prayers are made each day for an angry, restless spirit to harass and curse a lover who has left, eventually forcing their return. Be aware that this is dark magic that deals with a restless earthbound spirit - only use if you REALLY mean it!
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The Intranquil Spirit is the name given to a type of dead soul that wanders restlessly but can find no home or resting place, thus the description “Intranquil.” The Intranquil Spirit cannot rest in peace and as a consequence, it is particularly unhappy, angry, and vengeful. Some even believe the Intranquil Spirit is not one entity but actually encompasses all trapped earthbound souls who wander the world unable to rest and without peace. Unlike its counterpart Anima Sola who helps to heal the pain & suffering caused by love gone wrong, Intranquil Spirit will harass, torture, and punish a lover who has misbehaved until they come home.

The Seven Day ritual is a powerful ceremony which beckons the Intranquil Spirit to haunt, harass, torture, and punish a lover who has left, eventually forcing them to return. Intranquil Spirit spells derive from traditional Spanish/Latin American verbal love charms intended to dominate an ex-lover, force their return, or make them crazy until they return. It is said that the harassment by the spirit is so severe that the target returns completely drained and exhausted, and is submissive to the spell caster.