My Guarantee to You

No doctor can promise with 100% assurance that he can cure you, and no lawyer can guarantee that he can convince the judge to rule in your favor. All either one can do is promise to work for you to the best of their abilities.

Sometimes people expect too much from rootworkers and spiritual workers. Regardless of what you see in movies, we aren't miracle workers. If there is a chance of success, I might help increase the odds in your favor, but if something is meant to happen then trying to overpower the will of the universe isn't possible. Therefore, I can't guarantee that you'll get the outcome you expect. In fact, if someone says they can guarantee success 100% of the time, I would probably keep my hand on my wallet and walk away.

HOWEVER, I promise that if I take on your case, I'll give you my utmost attention, care, compassion, and craftsmanship, and work very hard with you toward a successful outcome. I can't win every case, but all I will say on the matter is that the feedback from my clients is overwhelmingly positive.

Jon Saint Germain