Below is a collection of FREE instructions for common spells and techniques that you can do at home.

Burying the Past Ritual
This ritual is a love work for couples who have experienced trouble in the past and are having a difficult time moving forward. It is used to put past events behind you forever and to lay a clean foundation for a fresh start.

Hex Breaking and Unjinxing Ritual
A Hex, Jinx or Curse can be seen as a type of infection. Your personal energy has been infected with a parasitic force which saps your strength and drives away positive events and occurrences. People tend to avoid you because something about you “feels wrong.” I‘ve had clients describe the experience as “Like having a people repellent.” Rootworkers sometimes referred to being hexed as having a “crossed condition,” and unhexing as “uncrossing.” Fortunately, the condition isn’t incurable. Like a physical infection, all that’s required is a proper course of treatment. It takes time, and you must follow the treatment plan, but if you do you should experience improvement almost immediately.

Honey Jar
A honey jar is believed to “sweeten” a person toward you. Included in these instructions is the benefits of adding uncrossing roots and herbs, and additional ingredients believed to give you mastery and make you more alluring to the person for whom the Honey jar is intended.

Mental and Spiritual Exercises
These exercises are intended to help you gain mental clarity, focus and peace of mind. Once you become skilled at meditative absorption, you’ll be more sensitive to spiritual assault from outside forces, more alert to signals and cues people give off (allowing you to distinguish friend from foe) and you’ll strengthen the mind’s innate abilities to cleanse itself of negative tendencies and influences.