Q: What’s the Difference Between a Vigil Light and an Altar Setting?

These are two completely different types of prayer services, and depending on your preference, one might be more suitable than the other.

Vigil Light settings are a traditional service of most Spiritual Churches. A Vigil Light is a candle which has been dressed with condition oils, roots and herbs, fixed (usually by knocking it three times against the table) and placed over a written petition. This is placed on a vigil rack with the other vigil candles we have set for that week, and it is prayed over daily by Rev Jon or one of our other pastors along with all the other vigils. Vigil candles can be set in “runs” of one, three, five, or more depending on the seriousness or duration of your situation. The longer your situation has been ongoing, the more vigils we suggest you light. A Vigil Light setting usually lasts from five to seven days.

An Altar ceremony consists of one or more candles loaded and set specifically for you and your condition, placed with a written and blessed petition on an Altar which consists of holy items, blessed artifacts, animal and human totems, spiritually charged icons, and in many cases relics of Saints. These are prayed over daily by Rev Jon Saint Germain and tended very carefully. These are believed to produce a profound appeal to spirit for intercession on your behalf. Each Altar at Divine Harmony Divine Church is carefully designed for specific conditions, i.e.; Love, Prosperity, Uncrossing, Jinxing, and other purposes. Like a Vigil Light setting, an Altar ceremony usually lasts from five to seven days, although some of them can last up to nine days.

Q: Will I get a photo of the finished work?

A: We have options to send photos of the work when we start it, and a report when it finished. Due to the sheer volume of vigils we light each week, it isn't practical for us to send photos of finished candles in addition to these other options. Furthermore, there are many times when amateur spiritualists want to debate their interpretations of the candle glass against the interpretations of Rev Saint Germain. We would rather spend our time serving our clients than getting caught up in these complications. We hope you understand.

Q: Can Spells Backfire?

A: No. Spells and other spiritual ceremonies (at least the kind undertaken by my Spiritual Church Tradition) absolutely cannot backfire, turn on the sender or result in “negative karma.” They either culminate in the result you wish, or they do not. If they do not, I believe you will receive blessings from Spirit in another area of your life.

Q: How soon can I expect results?

A: There is no standard timeframe in Spiritual Work. Some people report immediate movement. Others experience slow movement, while others experience no results at all. In short, there are no guarantees in spiritual work, and it’s recommended you have a general knowledge about how magic and spiritual ceremonies work. Traditionally, there is the Rule of Three: If the spell is working, you receive signs and omens in three days; movement within three weeks, and completion within three months. In my experience, if your situation isn’t improving noticeably within that three-week period, you should try other approaches.

Q: When can I expect my pictures, and my reports?

A: Our Church schedule is HERE, which can give you an approximation of our routine.

Q: How long should I “work” a situation?

A: Some Root Workers suggest setting an end time based on an important date, such as a significant birthday or anniversary minus one day. My personal time limit is three months from the commencement of the first spiritual setting. If we see no movement in your situation by the end of that time, I will suggest we re-evaluate your situation.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: My guarantee can be seen HERE, and the conditions of my vigil setting can be seen HERE on my vigil candle page. In short, I guarantee to perform the spiritual work for which I’m contracted in a timely manner. I cannot guarantee you will always get the result for which you hope. There is an order to the universe, call it Fate, Karma, the Will of God, and I must yield to that. However, I have faith, which has been verified through experience, that sincere prayer is answered with blessings. We consider ourselves blessed to work with you, and we consider all of the people with whom we work part of our Spiritual Family. Please let us know what we can do for you.