A Service of Divine Harmony Spiritual Church

"I have never known of any one service that was more inspiring or enlightening, or more whole-heartedly satisfying, to both the celebrant and the communicant than a Candle Light Service."
Reverend Adele Clemens, Founder of Divine Harmony Spiritual Church, New York, 1941.

More than 80 years later, we still carry on the daily Candle Light Service tradition of our beloved founder at Divine Harmony Spiritual Church.

Below you will find a list of our available candle services. Candle burning is a spiritual tradition that utilizes prayer and ritual with spiritual beings to intercede on your behalf. There is no guarantee that results will turn out the way you want them. There is a natural order to things--call it the will of a Higher Power, Fate, Natural Law, karma, whatever you want-- and some things are just meant to be. However, I also believe a great many situations are open to influence and can be changed through sincere and honest intention. I make my own candles and decorate the glass with powerful symbols, sigils and spells to add extra attractive power. I add the necessary materials directly into the wax as I pour, so it's evenly distributed throughout the candle. Some of my candles are shown here in progress.

When you contract with me to perform a candle conjure for you, I will select the proper candle, dress it with the appropriate oils or sachet powders for the intended purpose, and then prepare the intention. Often, prayers or petitions are written in ritualized ways on brown paper and talismans are added. Some conjures require additional roots, minerals, animal relics and personal items from the intended target. I send you a picture of your candle with your name or initials on it. Also, if you choose, a followup report is given on how the work went, along with any signs or anomalies observed, and I send you my prognosis. Please see our Church Schedule for an idea of when you can expect to receive pictures of your work or reports.

NEW SERVICE: We are now offering you the opportunity to have YOUR or YOUR TARGET’S photograph added to your Candle Vigil label for an additional $5 for each label printed. See photo above for an example.

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