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Saint Roch Candle Vigil


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Saint Roch Candles are dressed and burned to petition Saint Roch and invoke his holy blessing. Saint Roch (or Rocco) encountered an area afflicted with plague. He stayed to minister to the sick, and affected several miraculous cures, usually by making the sign of the cross over them, but contracted the plague himself. He walked into a forest to die, but was befriended by a dog. The dog fed him with food stolen from his master’s table and licked his wounds, healing them. After this, Roch had a particular affinity for dogs. Rev. Saint Germain will dress, bless and burn an Adam & Eve Candle on your behalf. At the conclusion of the ceremony (usually 5-7 days) he will e-mail a divination report to you with interpretation of any signs.

Please enter your name and your specific request in the provided fields. It would also help if you'd e-mail me a picture. After you order your candle you'll be redirected to a page where you can send me your picture and any further instructions. Thank you so much!

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