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Saint Ives Candle Vigil

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Ives was born at Kermartin, in Brittany, 17 October, 1253 and was the son of Helori, lord of Kermartin, and Azo du Kenquis. In 1267 Ives was sent to the University of Paris, where he graduated in civil law. He went to Orleans in 1277 to study canon law. He studied Scripture ardently and there is strong evidence he joined the Franciscan Tertiaries sometime later at Guingamp. He displayed great zeal in resisting the unjust taxation of the king, which he considered an encroachment on the rights of the Church. Ives became known as the "advocate and patron of the poor" because of his charity. When he was ordained, he was appointed to the parish of Tredrez in 1285, and eight years later to Louannee, where he died on May 19, 1303. Rev. Saint Germain will dress, bless and burn a Saint Ives Candle on your behalf. At the conclusion of the ceremony (usually 5-7 days) he will e-mail a picture of the work and, if selected, a report of any interpretations & signs.

Please enter your name and your specific request in the provided fields. It would also help if you'd e-mail me a picture. After you order your candle you'll be redirected to a page where you can send me your picture and any further instructions. Thank you so much!

Candle vigils are a great way to connect with spiritual help & guidance, but sometimes stronger work is needed. If you believe your situation requires extra care, have a look at our special altar works.

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