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Discord Candle Vigil

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Discord Candles are dressed and burned to call upon Eris - the goddess of strife and discord - to deliver chaos, confusion, disharmony, and worry to the target. Your enemy's plans fall apart and they become consumed with problems. Rev. Saint Germain will dress, bless and burn a Discord Candle on your behalf. At the conclusion of the ceremony (usually 5-7 days) he will e-mail a picture of the work and, if selected, a report of any interpretations & signs.

Please enter your name and your specific request in the provided fields. It would also help if you'd e-mail me a picture. After you order your candle you'll be redirected to a page where you can send me your picture and any further instructions. Thank you so much!

Candle vigils are a great way to connect with spiritual help & guidance, but sometimes stronger work is needed. If you believe your situation requires extra care, have a look at our special altar works.

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