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Carmenta Candle Vigil

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Carmenta Candles are dressed and burned to petition the Goddess Carmenta to assist the target with matters involving fertility and matters between children and mothers. The name Carmenta is derived from Latin carmen, meaning a magic spell, oracle or song, and also the root of the English word charm. Her original name was Nicostrate, but it was changed later to honor her renown for giving oracles. She is credited with inventing the Latin alphabet, and laid the first foundations for the city that was eventually to become Rome. She introduced agriculture, poetry and music to the savage race found in Italy. Rev. Saint Germain will dress, bless and burn a Carmenta Candle on your behalf. At the conclusion of the ceremony (usually 5-7 days) he will e-mail a picture of the work and, if selected, a report of any interpretations & signs.

Please enter your name and your specific request in the provided fields. It would also help if you'd e-mail me a picture. After you order your candle you'll be redirected to a page where you can send me your picture and any further instructions. Thank you so much!

Candle vigils are a great way to connect with spiritual help & guidance, but sometimes stronger work is needed. If you believe your situation requires extra care, have a look at our special altar works.

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