Call Upon The "Lonely Soul" For Aid & Comfort
The Seven Day Anima Sola Ceremony is a prayer ritual which appeals to the "Lonely Soul" Anima Sola to bring her loving attention to your situation.
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Anima Sola is known as the "Lonely Soul" who is said to be trapped in Purgatory. She is believed to have landed in Purgatory due to being involved in an illicit romance that was so wrong, it derailed her entrance into Heaven. Yet, instead of falling into despair, Anima Sola raises her head high and faces her predicament with dignity and grace. It is this state of grace that makes Anima Sola such a powerful transformative figure as she uniquely understands the feelings of loneliness and heartache and how to work through them to find empowerment and peace.

Because of her unique situation, Anima Sola is often called upon to help in situations where a love has gone sour, or a love is unrequited. Unlike her vengeful counterpart Intranquil Spirit who will punish and harass the target, Anima Sola is said instead to bring great comfort and healing to those who are suffering the loneliness, pain, and feelings of rejection that come from having loved the wrong person. She is said to help those who are suffering in these situations find empowerment and work through the issue with grace - ultimately coming out stronger and wiser.

Anima Sola is also petitioned for deliverance, aid and succor to those who have recently passed beyond the veil.

The Seven Day prayer is a powerful ceremony which appeals to Anima Sola to bring her loving attention to your situation. Reverend Saint Germain will personalize this ceremony to meet your specific needs and satisfy the unique nature of your situation. You will receive photos of the work along with the Reverend's interpretation of any signs or omens observed during the ceremony.