About Reverend Jon Saint Germain

Pastor Rev. Jon Saint Germain is an ordained minister, spiritual counselor, healer and rootworker who is a member in good standing with the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers and is the Voice of the Crystal Silence League and editor of its newsletter. You can learn more about Reverend Saint Germain at his website JonSaintGermain.com

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At age six, Jon Saint-Germain decided he wanted to be a Wizard when he grew up. Today he is a professional psychic, rootworker, author and ecumenical minister. Jon is one-half Cherokee and has studied traditional Cherokee herbal medicine and magic. He has a long family tradition in Southern psychic arts, as his mother, grandmother, aunt and great-grandmother all were practicing psychics, and his grandfater was a skilled dowser or "water-witch."

Rev. Saint Germain was the Official Palm Reader for the 2008 Inaguaral Ball for President Obama and Women's Health Magazine's Chicago Expo, and is a popular guest on television and radio programs. He has even read palms over the radio! He also enjoys speaking for Civic clubs. Rev. Saint Germain is the author of several books. Among these are the Llewellen publications Karmic Palmistry, Runic Palmistry, and Palmistry for Lovers; and Crystal Magic, published by Independent Missionary Spiritual Church. Because of his eclectic knowledge of all things magical and psychic, he recently was retained as a consultant for a series of programs for the Learning Channel. In 2001, Jon was part of a scientific panel led by Dr. Gary Schwartz dedicated to examine the most important question ever asked: does human consciousness survive the death of the body? the results of this investigation are related in Dr. Schwartz's book The Afterlife Experiments.

Through Divine Harmony Spiritualist Church, Reverend Saint Germain helps others daily utilizing tarot, palmistry, intuitive and clairvoyant readings, psychometric mediumship (readings by touching objects or pictures), bones oracle, dream interpretation, and other divinatory methods as the situation requires. For over 35 years Rev. Saint Germain has helped people achieve peace of mind, resolve relationship and life problems, find their true love and purpose in life, figure out what to do with themselves. He is available for personal consultations and speaking engagements by appointment.

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