When your need for a vigil is IMMEDIATE…

1. You have an important interview/meeting/court date coming up tomorrow

2. You or a family member/friend has taken ill or been injured unexpectedly.

3. Any other unexpected, important event that requires prayer/blessings/spells immediately.

We set between 75-125 vigil candles each week, and to keep our process running smoothly, we have a schedule in place. Once you’ve ordered through our website (or through invoicing), your request goes into the queue and your vigils are blessed and set in the order that they came to us. We usually light the candles mid-week (around Wednesday). There are times, though, that we have clients with urgent requests like the ones mentioned above. This requires that we deviate from our usual system to accommodate these requests. It takes time and effort to get back on track, and on many occasions, we’ve had to handle these special requests on personal time after our usual working hours. With times being how they are, urgent requests are coming more frequently and taking up more of our time.

Therefore, we’ve decided to implement a service we call HOODOO 911. If you have a truly pressing need or emergency, we can provide this extra service on request. For $50 we will promptly set any of our vigils, if possible.

E-mail us here with your urgent request, and we’ll let you know if we can do it, and we’ll send you an invoice for the service.