Originally founded in 1941 by Reverend Adele Clemens inside Carnegie Hall in New York City, Divine Harmony Spiritual Church is currently located in Knoxville, Tennessee and is maintained by the Reverend Jon Saint Germain. Divine Harmony Spiritual Church is an affiliate of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church (The Small Church Ministry) whose main office is in Forestville, California. Divine Harmony Spiritual Church is indeed a "Small Church," with a floor space of ten by twelve feet! The church has since expanded to include two additional chapels - The Blackhawk Power Shrine and the Temple of Saint Germain.

Rev. Jon Saint Germain

Reverend Saint Germain is an ordained minister, spiritual reader, intuitive consultant, and rootworker with over thirty-five years experience helping people resolve relationship, life, love, career and other issues. He is available by appointment for private readings, consultation, coaching, healing, and blessings. He is in Eastern Standard Time so when you book an appointment please adjust to your time zone. To check availability and make a pre-paid appointment click Schedule Appointment