The Crystal Silence League Radio Hour

Every Tuesday night The Crystal Silence League Hour is hosted by the Reverend Jon Saint Germain, who provides guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact with people and spirits

CSL Hour #143: The SPR and the Hunt for Evidence for Survival, Part Two

CSL Episode #142: The SPR and the Hunt for Evidence for Survival

CSL Episode #141: The Spiritual Church, Concluded, Spiritualism and the SPR

CSL Ep #140: Heroes of The Spiritual Church: Father Major J. Divine Continued

CSL Hour #139: More Leaders of the Spiritual Church, Continued

CSL Episode #138 More Leaders of the Spiritual Church Movement

CSL Episode #137: The Growth and Traditions of the Spiritual Church

CSL #136 The Spiritual Church, Bless Services, Saints, and Black Hawk

CSL Episode #135 More on Black Hawk and the Rise of the Spiriritual Church

Crystal Silence League Ep #134 Black Hawk (I Promise)

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